Future Makers: Why making is great for kids

Making – the art of creating, crafting, or inventing – is hardly a new concept, but it has enjoyed a resurgence of late. From creative coding classes and tech workshops to crafting and woodworking, more and more people are discovering the joy of tinkering.

If the benefits of making are great for adults, they’re even greater for children! Here are four ways making can boost your child’s learning, creativity, and confidence.

As children grow and learn, so do their brains, and creativity and crafting have a huge effect on this process. In fact, research has shown that children raised in creative environments enjoy enhanced synaptogenesis – the process of connecting synapses in the brain via learning, which helps little brains and bodies connect the dots necessary for forming well-rounded personalities, motor skills, and mental abilities.

Better Creativity

Encouraging your child to create gives them a fantastic outlet for expressing themselves. There are no wrong answers in art, while invention is a great way to learn that mistakes are simply lessons to be learnt from, rather than faults to be ashamed of. A makers environment is a safe space in which your child can let their imagination run wild, boost their creativity, and perhaps even find inspiration for a lifelong career.

Brilliant Problem-Solving

Creative children make for resourceful adults. All forms of making are great for boosting problem-solving skills, as children are encouraged to use their own inventiveness to think of solutions to problems they come across while making. This sets them up to be able to cope with any stumbling blocks they might experience in later life, as well as enhancing critical thinking and academic abilities.

Building Confidence

If you’ve ever felt the sense of self-satisfaction that comes with creating something, you’ll understand how confidence-boosting making can be for children. This can be especially useful for children with low academic confidence, finding a different route into academia for those who learn better visually or with their hands. Inventing, creating, and troubleshooting a project from start to finish will also enhance a child’s sense of independence, while workshopping with other children is great for future teamwork skills and social confidence.

Whether your kids love the idea of learning how to make cool algorithmic art or designing their very own arcade game, D-Lab will be offering a wide variety of maker workshops aimed at under-16s over the coming months. Check out our upcoming events and keep an eye on Facebook and Twitter for more workshop announcements coming soon.


Creative workshops for all ages.

D-Lab Pop Up
Intro to Practical Electronics
Mar 9, 2021 19:00
Contact for details

A 8 week introductory course in electronics.

D-Lab Berkhamsted
Coder Dojo
May 5, 2021 18:30

A free coding club for young programmers and parents

D-Lab Berkhamsted
Drop-In Electronics Club
May 10, 2021 19:00
£5 suggested donation

Drop in session to help you improve your electronics skills

D-Lab Berkhamsted
Open Make
May 6, 2021 19:00

Join our open workshop every Tuesday evening.

D-Lab Berkhamsted
Open Make Saturday!
Jun 5, 2021 10:00
More dates coming soon

Join our open workshop on Saturday morning

D-Lab Berkhamsted
Laser Cutting Induction
Jan 14, 2021 10:30
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Learn how to cut and engrave plywood and acrylic

D-lab Berkhamsted, 8-12 Clarence Road Depot, HP4 3AS
Eco Stitch-Up Saturdays
Feb 6, 2021 14:00
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Textiles recycling workshop

D-Lab Pop-Up
Lego Architecture Competition
Mar 19, 2021 19:00
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Bring a team and build against the clock!

D-Lab Berkhamsted
Health and Safety Induction
Jan 14, 2021 11:30
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Learn how to keep safe while using our facilities