London & Berkhamsted - 01442 864 673

Join the collective of architects, designers, and developers who are passionate about social mobility and inclusivity within the creative industries.

The best way to find out more about D-Lab is to book a tour and have a chat with our friendly team. There are many ways that you can get involved either as a volunteer, an industry partner, or by running a workshop or event with us. Whatever your skills, if you want to encourage creative innovation and small business in your local community while helping to promote creative careers to young people, please get in touch.

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D-Lab Berkhamsted

10 minute walk from Berkhamsted station

8 -12 Clarence Rd Depot

Email us:

Phone us: 01442 864 673

D-Lab London

5 minute walk from Stratford international.

1 Mirabelle Gardens,
East Village,
E20 1BP

Email us:

Phone us: 01442 864 673