In 2021's A^3 Summer School we learnt how to design, build and live on the edge of the possible, to then come back home and join into reshape our world for the benefit of people, places and planet.  


An architecture & design programme in the community of East Village, Stratford. The primary aim is to assist and empower those seeking to enter careers in architecture & design by engaging with a cross section of design and fabrication experiences.

Our programme will involve learning new digital skills, visiting construction sites and architects offices, developing designs and preparing portfolio content.


1 Mirabelle Gardens, East Village, Stratford, E20 1BP


Summer 2021 - Summer 2022


Our brief is to design a Mars Habitat Unit. Participants will gain an understanding for creating healthy living systems using digital technology and minimal resource. Lessons and insights learned will be valuable for future participation in problem solving within more local 21st C design challenges. All course content will be grounded within the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as set out by the  UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development Charter.


Although the A^3 programme focuses primarily on individuals considering a career in architecture, those looking into other options within creative industries will also be very welcome to apply.

This opportunity is for ambitious AS & A level students, tertiary education students and those interested in starting a career in architecture.  Participants must have an interest in design, drawing and making, as well as having a basic level of skill with digital drawing tools. Access to a laptop computer will be required and  Sketchup should be installed ahead of the programme.

Places are limited and those shortlisted will be selected to participate in a short informal interview process before the final individuals are selected.

The programme is offered free of charge.

D-Lab operates and encourages an inclusive policy.