Creative coding workshops for designers and creatives.

uk wide - next workshop berkhamsted july 14th

This creative workshop is  for anyone who works within the creative industries and wants to enhance their skill set, develop computational modes of thinking, and broaden their knowledge of the possible.

Over the day workshop you’ll learn how to program in JavaScript and develop your own online portfolio of interactive work using the popular framework P5.js.

Discover the basic building blocks of computational logic while experimenting with code to create your own unique generative 2D and 3D work.

The workshop is taught with a priority on visual learners and participants are encourgaed to work together to find bugs, and solve problems throughout the day.

Following the course you’ll understand computational language and logic. Have a greater understanding of the creative potential of code and be able to use code to enhance your individual practice - whether that's creating interactive online experiences,  developing generative 3d models, or performing with live data.

Next Workshop - D-Lab Berkhamsted July 14th 10:00 am to 17:00 pm  - £65 a person