D-Lab has studio space, meeting rooms and gallery space for hire in Berkhamsted

If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other
— Mother Teresa

We believe in community. In bringing together groups of people to share skills, resources, and time to ensure that one plus one equals considerably more than two. And for designers and creatives, many of whom are used to working on their own, perhaps from home, the opportunity to come together to inspire and to be inspired is really important. 

So at D-Lab we provide opportunities to share in a variety of ways:

Firstly, our Studio space can be booked by individuals on a monthly basis, providing desk space as well as access to all of our facilities.

Secondly, we have a meeting space which can be used by individuals or organisations locally. We are centrally located in Berkhamsted and our meeting room can accommodate up to 18 people for your meeting.

Finally, we can provide a gallery space if you are a creative wanting to present your art, crafts or technology.