D-Lab Laser Cutting Services

D-Lab provides commercial laser-cutting and laser-engraving services nationwide.

We have 3 laser cutters suitable for cutting and etching on a wide range of materials including wood, mdf, acrylic, perspex, leather, card, paper and many more. Although we are not equipped to cut metals we can etch. We are able to cut or etch up to a maximum of 1245 x 710 mm (49 x 28 in).

Depending on the job size and complexity typical lead times are 2-7 working days. Please contact us below for a quotation.

File preparation

Please supply artwork showing your cut lines in red and any etched lines in green. Engraved areas should be shown filled in solid black. For high quality engraving or etching you will need to make sure that all images have a resolution over 300dpi.

File formats

Please supply your artwork in one of the following file formats :  .dxf .dwg .ai .eps  
If you are unable to provide this please contact us and we may be able to prepare the files for you for a small charge. 

Our commercial services provide the income to sustain all of D-Lab's community programs.