Fancy flying? Drone racing is the next best thing!

Drone racing is set to become the world's next big sport. The Drone Racing League wants to turn first-person view (FPV) quadcopter racing into a major spectator sport.

Our Drone club is on hold for now as we are ACTIVELY looking for VOLUNTEERS to help with this very popular programme. If that is you please do contact us.

Location: D-Lab Berkhamsted

Time: 10am - 12am Saturdays

Cost: £10 per session

It's here - come and join in! D-Lab Drone Racing Club. A time to get together, invent, experiment and create with cutting edge technology. Come away from PSP and enjoy being a real pilot - with real consequences!. If you are over 12 years of age please sign up below and come and join us for the first meeting and thereafter every 2 weeks. Places are limited so please act fast.

No experience or equipment necessary. To find out how exciting this is please watch the video below.

We are currently looking for a main sponsor to support the Racing Team. If you are not participating but are keen to help foster local innovation, creativity and young engineers of the future please do consider supporting this through funding equipment. Do contact us at

We are always looking for volunteers to help run and manage the clubs and courses we run at D-Lab so if you have capacity and are keen to contribute please do let us know by signing up.

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