D-Lab provides a cutting-edge Digital Makerspace for use by the Community. That's you!

D-Lab's Makerspace gives businesses, entrepreneurs, schools and communities the capability to turn their ideas and concepts into reality. A makerspace is a place in which people with shared interests, especially in computing or technology, can gather to work on projects while sharing ideas, equipment, and knowledge.

Prior to using the equipment for the first time individuals will need to book in for an induction.

D-Lab's Makerspace Equipment

We have the following equipment, available to be booked by the hour:


Trotec SP500

A monstrous laser-cutter, used mainly for our commercial laser-cutting services, but also available for use by more experienced makers. The machine has a working area of 1245mm x 710mm, and can be used for cutting or engraving a wide range of materials including acrylics, plastics, MDF, leather and others. It can also be used for marking painted metal, stainless steel or aluminium.

Price: £50/hour


Trotec Speedy 300

The Speedy300 has a working area of 726 mm x 432 mm. It is used for the engraving and cutting of signs, stamps and suchlike. A wide variety of materials such as rubber, acrylic, coated metal, tin, special steel, anodized aluminum, cork, cardboard, glass, leather, marble, several plastics and wood can be processed on the laser.

Price: £50/hour


GCC X252 Laser Cutter

This is the smallest but easiest to use of our laser cutters. With a work area of 635 x 458 mm it is up to most tasks. 

Price: £30/hour


Ultimaker 2

A very popular range of 3D printers. Compact, lightweight and versatile, we use these with the supporting Cura software to print 3D designs quickly and easily. Bring your own laptop or bring a memory stick with your 3D design and use our PCs to prepare and print your creation.


Ultimaker Original 3D Printer

We have four of these early stage Ultimaker machines.

WASP Delta 2040.jpg

Wasp Delta Ceramic 3D printer

Made in Italy, this Delta type printer boasts a 20 ø built plate and can print objects as high as 40 cm with resolution up to 50 microns. It is a versatile printer that can cope with a whole range of materials from PLA to ABS, nylon, polymers and Laywood.


X-Carve CNC

The 3d carving machine for the maker in all of us. Clean, quiet, and easy to use with a maximum working size of 1000mm x 1000mm. Paired with Easel, a free web-based software, you can carve complex designs in wood, plastic, soft metal, and more.


What is the D-Lab Makerspace?  An open access digital and analogue workshop for making ideas become reality.

Who can use the D-Lab Makerspace?  Students, artists, teachers, inventors, local businesses and anyone from 10 years and up. 

What kind of information do the 3D printers require?  Please see our 3D printing page for further information about how to access modelling software and for our file preparation guidelines.

Can I get Training?  D-Lab regularly offers a programme of workshop days and induction sessions. Please see our Events page.

What Type of Equipment do you have?  Currently we have laser cutters and various 3D printers available for hire. Please contact us to get more details.  Plans are also progressing for a digital photography suite.