You can’t teach sports unless you have a gym. And it’s the same idea for the 21st-century skills we want to teach kids: innovation, creativity, critical thinking, deep understanding of science and technology. If you don’t have a place to teach these skills, you can’t really do a good job.
— Paulo Blikstein, FabLab@School program, Stanford University’s Transformative Learning Technologies Lab


The British Council has said that "All around the world, the ‘creative economy’ is talked about as an important and growing part of the global economy. Governments and creative sectors across the world are increasingly recognising its importance as a generator of jobs, wealth and cultural engagement. The UK has been a leader in the development of this agenda, not just as a driver of the economy but also promoting social inclusion, diversity and development".  

Our mission is to support this agenda by providing co-working studio space, community digital workshops and education, mentoring & support programmes to enable small businesses and individuals, young and old to reach their full creative potential. 

D-Lab is a Community Interest Company (CIC).


  • Desk rentals for Designers in co-working studio space
  • Mentoring for creative industry start-ups and small sole traders.
  • Gallery space for showcasing creative work.
  • Digital Fabrication workshop.
  • Making, Design and Architecture clubs for school students.
  • Regular lectures, talks and exhibition programmes.